Canadian packaging and FDA guidance labeling for dietary supplements.
This article is intended to provide guidance and instruction to help businesses navigate FDA labeling and Canadian packaging for dietary supplements. Included in this document is FDA labeling guidance for required label statements; label placements; regulations for dietary supplement claims such as ‘antioxidant’ or ‘high potency’; country of origin, and Canadian packaging regulations. FDA Labeling - Dietary Supplements In 1994, the...


How to detox your body. Body cleanse, natural colon cleanse weight loss, and liver detox.

How to Detox Your Body – Tea, Pills and Natural Cleanse

Detox Detox cleanses have been performed for thousands of years with herbs, saunas, scrubs, fasting or potions, often for religious reasons.5 In Ayurveda medicine, a traditional...
Probiotics foods, probiotics for weight loss and probiotic supplements could help IBS discomfort.

Probiotics – Probiotic Foods, Supplements, Pills, Benefits & Side Effects

Curious about the benefits of probiotics or possible probiotic side effects? With growing interest around probiotics, science has begun to uncover some big benefits from these tiny organisms. In this article we’ll answer what are probiotics, what do probiotics do, compare the benefits of probiotics for men vs. probiotics for women and explain how probiotics supplements work to keep you healthy and performing at optimal levels.
Running gels, Energy packets, and sports gel are as effective as sports drinks in sustaining energy in endurance events.

Running Gels, Energy Jelly Beans & Chews

If you’re training for an endurance event, whether it be a marathon or a long-distance cycle, keeping your energy levels high are critical for achieving your performance goals. It’s widely accepted that carbohydrate intake during endurance events can enhance performance and delay muscle fatigue. Carbohydrates are used as fuel during physical activity. Many athletes depend on energy gel, chews, or running gels for carbohydrates during endurance events.
Intra workout, or during workout drinks, can maximize muscle recovery, energy and endurance during workouts.

Intra Workout Supplement: BCAA & During Workout Drink

Properly fueling your body while you exercise is a critical, yet often overlooked area in workout nutrition. An intra workout supplement can provide critical nutrients to boost energy and start muscle recovery without disrupting physical activity.
Energy tablets, shots and over the counter energy pills sales contribute to the billion-dollar energy supplement industry.

How to Get More Energy – Energy Pills, Boosters, Shots & Supplements

Have long work hours, busy schedules or endless emails left you wondering how to fight fatigue? According to a Harvard Business School survey of 1,000 working professionals, 94% put in at least 50 hours of work a week, with more than 50% of responders working more than 65 hours weekly.1 With demanding work schedules, increased multi-tasking and a demand for instant results, it’s no wonder North Americans are reaching for energy supplements to get them through the week.
What is collagen? Do collagen pills work? Study says collagen pills for skin are effective.

Collagen Supplements – Hydrolyzed, Marine, & More – Benefits and Side Effects

Collagen is a type of protein fiber that provides cushioning and strength to many parts of the body. Collagen is a family of molecules, not just one.1 Collagen is present in skin, cartilage, blood vessels, muscles and even the cornea.