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Jym Pre Workout Overview

Launched in 2013, Pre Jym has quickly risen as one of the heavy hitters in the supplement industry. Jym Pre Workout features no proprietary blends and is designed to increase energy levels, promote lean muscle mass and provide sustained endurance. Pre Jym is manufactured by Jym Sport Supplements in the United States, which is owned by the creator, Jim Stoppani. Pre Jym is available in three flavors: Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, and Orange Melon.

Jim Stoppani received his Ph.D. in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry. He’s won prestigious awards such as the Gatorade Beginning Investigator in Exercise Science Award, written thousands of articles, co-authored several books, has served as a personal trainer to celebrity clients and developed the Platinum Diet.1,2

Pre Jym Pros and Cons

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Ingredients & Nutrition Profile

Here we provide a breakdown of the active ingredients used in Pre Jym. With no proprietary blends, users can easily identify exactly what they’re consuming and verify that the formula is free of cheap filler ingredients often used to bolster products. Read below for our in-depth analysis of these ingredients and how they work to maximize performance in the gym.

Creatine Hydrochloride: 2 g – Creatine hydrochloride (Creatine HCl) is a variation of creatine, a well-researched molecule that helps in the production of ATP (energy) and has been observed to increase power output, promote lean mass and fight fatigue.3

In this form, the molecule is bound to hydrochloric acid. It’s claimed that a lower dosage of creatine hydrochloride is required to achieve the same results as creatine monohydrate, but this claim hasn’t been clinically tested.3

Beta-alanine supplementation has been clinically shown to increase muscular endurance by 60-240 seconds.23

CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine: 2 gCarnosyn, a patented ingredient and registered trademark is a form of beta-alanine, the precursor to carnosine, a molecule which helps buffer acid levels in the muscle.

Beta-alanine act as a pH buffer and help delay the ‘burning’ sensation experience during high-intensity exercise. Emerging evidence shows that combining creatine with beta-alanine may further enhance endurance performance.24

Betaine (Trimethylglycine): 1.5 gOriginally discovered as a component of beet root, betaine is a methyl donor and helps support methylation throughout the body. Methyl donors, such as betaine are critical for energy metabolism and are required for the transfer of methyl groups from donor molecules to accepter molecules.

This process of methylation helps regulate protein synthesis and RNA processing throughout the body.27 Increased levels of betaine help regulate water in cells similar to creatine, which is potentially beneficial during physical activity.5

Taurine: 1 gAs one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body, taurine is commonly found in Type II muscle fibers. In terms of performance, taurine has been observed to help increase muscle strength, mass, power and help reduce muscle damage induced by exercise.6.7

Pre Jym Ingredients

Taurine is naturally released from the muscle fibers during exercise but stores rapidly decrease. Lower levels of taurine have been linked to lower output levels and inadequate muscle optimization.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: 600 mgN-Acetyl L-Cysteine is used to break down mucus in the body and helps prevent adverse side effects from drug reactions. When taken as a supplement, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is broken down in the body to create cysteine, an amino acid and a building block of protein.

Cysteine is a precursor to the powerful antioxidant glutathione, the most abundant antioxidant in the human body. Glutathione is the primary endogenous antioxidant and works to maintain oxidative balance in our cells.9,10

When cells become unbalanced, a state of oxidative stress occurs. This can be defined as the imbalance between the production of highly-reactive free radicals and antioxidants, which help neutralize or detoxify the body.

When cells remain in oxidative stress, physiological or psychological strain can occur leading to cell damage and severe diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or cancer.29

Maintaining oxidative balance is important to delaying age related diseases and helping our bodies combat potentially harmful free radicals.

Alphasize® (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline): 300 mg – Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (Alpha-GPC) is a cholinergic compound traditionally used to improve cognition. However, it has been observed to also increase the production of growth hormone which is linked to adaptive responses such as increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass.11,12

Pre Jym Pre Workout ingredient Alpha-GPC shown to significantly improve growth hormone and peak bench press force.
Supplementing with Alpha-GPC, an ingredient found in Pre Jym, increased growth hormone 44-fold and peak bench press force by 14%, according to clinical study.

A study conducted in 2008 noted that supplementing with 600mg of Alpha-GPC in young male participants spiked growth hormone significantly. Additionally, peak bench press force was enhanced by 14% in the Alpha-GPC group.12

300mg of Alpha-GPC is present in Jym Pre Workout, a higher dosage than we generally find in similar pre workout formulas. As Alphasize® is a patented ingredient, it may be more potent than the supplement used in preliminary research.

Citrulline Malate: 6 gAs a precursor to nitrogen oxide, citrulline malate has been shown to reduce muscle soreness after high-intensity exercise. Consuming citrulline malate has been documented to increase nitric oxide production which leads to enhanced blood flow, muscle repair, as well as glucose and fatty acid metabolism.13

In a clinical study, researchers evaluated the effects of supplementing 6g of citrulline malate a day for 15 consecutive days. The results indicated that citrulline malate led to a 34% increase in the rate of ATP (energy), significant reductions in fatigue and a 20% increase in the recovery rate of phosphocreatine (high-energy reserves) post exercise.8

Note, the dosage used in the clinical trial is the same dose found in Pre Jym.

Beta vulgaris L. (beet root extract): 500 mgBeta vulgaris L. or beet root extract is thought to be high in nitrates and antioxidants, with its use being documented since the Roman Empire.28 Preliminary in vitro tests on rats and humans show evidence that beet root extract may prevent oxidative stress on molecules and decrease blood pressure. 15 The dosage of beet root extract used in the clinical test was 500mg, the same amount found in Jym Pre Workout.

L-leucine: 3 gL-leucine is one of three essential branched chain amino acids(BCCAs). As it’s not manufactured in the body, L-leucine must be consumed through diet or supplements. Branched chain amino acids decrease muscle damage, as well as promote muscle-protein synthesis and muscle mass increase.

For increased benefits, L-leucine must be combined with other branched chain amino acids such as L-valine or L-isoleucine.16 In Pre Jym, L-leucine is combined with L-isoleucine and L-valine in a 2:1:1 ratio.

L-isoleucine: 1.5 gThe second essential BCAA, L-isoleucine is the isomer of leucine and can be found in numerous proteins. L-isoleucine has a diverse set of functions which include: promoting hormone secretion, regulating blood and energy levels, promoting wound healing and detoxifying the body of nitrogenous waste.17

L-valine: 1.5 gThe third essential BCAA, L-valine has stimulant properties which work to promote muscle growth, repair muscle tissue and increase energy. L-valine also assists in mental focus and muscle coordination.18

L-tyrosine: 1.5 gL-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid produced by the body. This amino acid contributes to protein synthesis, organ function and structurally plays a role in almost every protein in the human body.19,20 It also assists in the production of chemicals such as a dopamine, which elevates moods.20

Caffeine anhydrous: 300 mgCaffeine anhydrous is a concentrated form of caffeine where 99.5% of water has been removed. Caffeine works as an ergogenic aid that has been shown to increase speed, endurance and possibly power output. Caffeine anhydrous is often found in dietary supplements and as research indicates, it may be easier to absorb in this form and is possibly more potent than regular caffeine.21

Huperzine A: 50 mcgHuperzine A belongs toholinergic (nerve cells or fibers that use acetylcholine as their neurotransmitter) class of molecules. It plays an interesting role in improving mental function and is thought to inhibit an enzyme which slows down the learning process. While research is ongoing, the learning neurotransmitter it helps to protect, acetylcholine, is involved in muscle contractions.22

BioPerine® (Piper Nigrum Fruit Extract): 5 mgA patented ingredient, BioPerine is a black pepper extract which claims to help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins (vitamin B6, vitamin C) and several acids and coenzymes.25 This is important because it helps ensure that these beneficial vitamins and ingredients are absorbed and not just passed through the body.


As directed on the label, mix one scoop of Jym Pre Workout with 14 oz. of water. Users should consume 30-45 minutes before starting physical exercise and should not exceed one scoop. Due to high amounts of caffeine, users should not mix with any other caffeinated products or ingest six hours before going to bed.


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Side Effects

While the ingredients used in Pre Jym have been scientifically observed and generally regarded as safe, minor side effects may still occur.

Possible side effects of Pre Jym are mainly associated with the high dose of caffeine anhydrous. For reference, one scoop is equivalent to three cups of brewed coffee. Users who are sensitive to caffeine may experience nervousness, irritability, headaches or rapid heartbeat.

When taken too close to bedtime, caffeine can cause sleeplessness. In rare cases it may cause dark, bloody stools.

In the body, creatine retains water in the muscles. This may lead to minor weight gain which can be offset by following a consistent workout routine. When supplementing with creatine, make sure to take with enough water as too little can cause stomach irritation or gas. In rare cases, creatine may cause diarrhea.

Pre Jym contains 2 g of beta-alanine. In most users, this will cause a temporary and harmless tingling sensation on the skin. This is completely normal and should disappear within two hours.

Pre Jym cancer warning.
Dr. Jim Stoppani, owner of Jym Sport Supplements, addressing the controversial cancer statement on the Pre Jym supplement container.

Perhaps shocking to consumers, a carcinogenic warning label appears on the outside of the Jym Pre Jym container. This warning label adheres to California’s Proposition 65, which is exclusive to the state and while serious, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Passed in 1986, the government of California enacted the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act to help citizens make informed decisions when purchasing products and maintain an active list of known carcinogenic chemicals. The government is required to update the list annually with any chemicals known to the State to cause reproductive toxicity, birth defects or cancer.26

Business owners selling products in California are required by law to display a ‘clear and reasonable warning’ on their products for consumers. Unfortunately, the standard label does not indicate which ingredient is carcinogenic, for which populations, in what dose or what type of exposure.27

As a result, thousands of everyday goods come with this warning label in California, even potato chips.
When searching through the 22-page document, none of the ingredients on the Pre Jym ingredient list appear in their listed form in the August 6, 2016 revision of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.

While none of the listed active ingredients were found in the list of carcinogenic ingredients, the warning is likely based off one of the inactive ingredients, which tend to be in very small amounts. Due to the frequency of this warning on products manufactured in California, it should not deter you from purchasing this product.

Projected Results

Based on the quantity of active ingredients, a review of current scientific studies, and trusted consumer reviews, below are the projected results for Pre Jym.

We really like to see that this product is certified by Informed-Choice.org and Informed-Sport.com which both independently test supplements for quality assurance and a broad range of substances banned from sports. In addition, Pre Jym is incredibly transparent about exactly what ingredients you’re purchasing.

Starting with citrulline malate, at 6g per serving this is equivalent to clinical doses which have been linked to increased energy, better recovery and which may help delay fatigue. With such a significant amount, you’re really going to feel extra endurance throughout your workout.

Did you Know: Pre Jym won the 2015 Pre Workout Supplement of the Year, as voted by readers on Bodybuilding.com.

Jym also features 2g of creatine hydrochloride to promote the production of ATP, which should increase your pumps and raise testosterone levels. While 2 grams falls below Health Canada’s recommended amount, the dosage is equivalent to other pre workouts we’ve seen.

With 300mg of caffeine anhydrous, you’re going to experience enhanced focus and feel dialed in during your entire workout. If you are a user who is sensitive to caffeine or tends to exercise at night, this may not be the most suitable pre workout for your lifestyle.

Finally, the presence of BCAAs: L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine in a 2:1:1 ratio will help promote protein synthesis, muscle growth and repair to help you see results.

Manufacturing & Recalls

Below is where you’ll find information about testing procedures, product recalls or government action for Pre Jym. Once Pre Jym becomes Supplement Analyst Registered this information will be updated.

Are you Pre Jym? Click here to apply for registration.

Where to Buy Jym Pre Workout and Pricing

Wondering where to buy Jym Pre Workout?

Compared to similar pre workout supplements, Jym has limited availability and must be ordered online.

We recommend purchasing Pre Jym from reputable online supplement retailers, such as Bodybuilding.com or Amazon. Jym Pre Workout supplement retails at $35.57 for a 20 serving container. Per serving, the cost of Pre Jym is approximately $1.78.

Final Review

Ingredients & Nutritional Profile: 9.7 / 10
Taste / Mixability: 9.4 / 10
Manufacturing: N/A
Value: 9.0 / 10
Final Rating:

Pre Jym was awarded points for featuring no proprietary blends, using high-quality or patented ingredients and having additional certifications.

Points were also given to Pre Jym for disolving quite easily in water, and leaving relatively no sediment in the bottom of the container after mixing.

Limited availability, high cost per serving and small variety of flavors lost minor points for Jym Pre Workout, but if you’re looking for a transparent product that is going to deliver an energy boosting kick, we recommend trying this pre workout.

Due to the high doses of stimulants and strength enhancers, Pre Jym ranks as one of the more intense pre workouts we’ve seen. While we like to see generous amounts of high-quality ingredients, we strongly recommend Pre Jym for experienced supplement users. If you’re just beginning to integrate pre workouts into your exercise routine, we would suggest starting with another product.

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