Become a Supplement Analyst Registered Supplement and…

  • Prove your commitment to quality
  • Build consumer confidence and trust
  • Boost conversions and sales
  • Improve marketing copy
  • Build brand authority and awareness

Don’t Lose Your Edge To Modesty

You work hard to create a quality supplement. Your product is made in a GMP facility. It runs through 5 phases of quality testing before packaging, and then a few more tests for stability before it even leaves the fulfillment center.

But your customers don’t know that.

In fact, 53% of consumers are misinformed and believe that supplements must be approved by the FDA and that all supplements must go through such rigorous testing before they can go to market. Consumer awareness and education programs are on the rise – so how will you show prospective customers that your proudct is top quality?

Put the authority of Supplement Analyst behind your brand. With an unmatched reputation for providing accurate and independent information on everything supplements, a Supplement Analyst Registered Supplement Seal communicates trust and transparency to your customers. You’ve made an excellent supplement. It’s time to start telling your customers about it.

Have Pride & Get Noticed!

Everyone craves recognition – especially your customers. A seal of from a trusted source can bump your sales over 50%! Add the Supplement Analyst Registered Supplement Seal to your product packaging or website to reassure customers that your supplement and manufacturing practices are top notch.

Estimated number of products sold that the Supplement Analyst team has worked on:


What Your Registered Supplement Can Do

Build Consumer Trust & Confidence

Your Registered Supplement Seal represents that your production and manufacturing information is readily available to your consumers, showing that you have nothing to hide

Improve Marketing Copy Quality

Once you’re registered, you can use your Registered Supplement Seal in all your marketing copy and images to let your customers know you are committed to transparency and quality.

Improve Brand Authority & Awareness

Recognition from reputable sources in your industry lend authority and confidence to the brand. When you take pains to build trust and prove quality, you are rewarded with satisfied customers that will naturally spread the word about your brand

Increase Conversions

Trust seals are the leading factor in determining if a consumer trusts a website. When you voluntarily release information for critical review, you demonstrate confidence in your product, which increases consumer confidence in you

Registration Is Easy

You’ve already done the work. Now you just have to submit your supplement for review:

Supplement Registration Step 1

Step 1

Complete the online registration form using our registration portal

Supplement Registration Step 2

Step 2

Embed our seal on your website so customers are aware of how the seal was obtained

Supplement Registration Step 3

Step 3

Allow our internal processing team a few business days to update your product profile with the information you provided us

Registration only takes a few minutes

Get Your Supplement Reviewed

Now more than ever people are relying on third party reviews to help make their purchasing decisions. Whether they get their advice from friends, family or strangers online, the information is out there, and it’s influential. Get a review from a trusted source like Supplement Analyst and you could be watching your conversions and lead volume sky rocket.

Help potential customers make the right decision. Apply now!

of survey participants stated that online reviews were “fairly, very, or absolutely important” when making purchasing decisions online

of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Our Review Process

Every Supplement Analyst Review includes:

  • A product overview
  • A detailed ingredient analysis based on up-to-date
    scientific research
  • How the product is intended to be used
  • Projected results and possible side effects (based on ingredient knowledge and available user reports)
  • Any applicable manufacturing information about testing procedures, product recalls, etc.
  • Where to buy, availability, price and value of the product
Our Promise Icon

Our Promise

Because we are an education based review website, there is never a charge for supplement registration or profile updates. We strive to provide the most accurate information to customers about purchases, ingredients, and supplements.

We randomly and anonymously purchase supplements for review, so there is no guarantee that we will purchase and review your supplement. If you wish to have a review featured on our website, please send your supplement directly to our offices and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Download your registration form and start your application today!